Since I haven’t been posting regularly, I feel as though my writing skills are slowly declining – so sorry if some of my sentences don’t seem to flow very well. My syntax is terrible right now. Hopefully I’ll begin writing more again to improve that.

What ever happened to Victorious Vessels?

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If I’m honest I guess things haven’t been going that great for us. During the Hillsong conference week and the week after that, our shop kind of took a break. We’re back to working on it, but we’ve encountered a few problems.

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As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, two of my friends and I are attempting to start a small business. It’s called Victorious Vessels and right now the focus is on bottle charm jewelry, but hopefully we can expand in the future. We’ve been planning it since the beginning of the year, slowly making preparations (since each of us had other priorities too) and trying to figure out what does and doesn’t work. It’s been an interesting ride since none of us know anything about how to manage a shop, and as a result there have been a few mistakes here and there. Nothing fatal has happened though and we are not in any crippling debt, thankfully.

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