The Art of the Brick: DC Comics // 13.04.16

Added a new category: Inspiration.. Which is exactly what it sounds like – Things that inspire me. Wanted to write this a while ago but never did, hence why it seems sort of rushed. Hope I’m not breaking any laws by posting photos of an exhibition?

During the middle of last month, a few friends and I visited the Powerhouse Museum to take a look at the LEGO exhibition that was being held there.

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Conventions are coming up in a few months and I want to dress up as something but I have no idea what.. In 2014 I cosplayed Yuri from Angel Beats to Oz Comic Con, and despite not liking the final result, I’m posting it up here anyway. I guess the worst that could happen is that I get turned into a meme.. Or posted on one of those “Top 10 Worst Cosplays” articles (which I hope won’t happen). Nevertheless, enjoy my cringe-inciting photo edits.

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