I started studying again almost a month ago. Just because I felt like it, mostly.

I take the train to school because driving would be too hassling. I pass a multitude of people each time, yet it’s funny that even only after a few weeks there are already people I’ve begun to recognize on my morning commute. That young girl with the brown school uniform. That lady with the small floral backpack. Leading lives of their own.

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expectations vs. reality

Short, not sweet. This feels unfinished but I can’t seem to get myself to write anymore, maybe because I’m still struggling with it. Perhaps I’ll revisit it one day and complete this. #50thpost

Do you ever kinda just look at someone after they’ve done something and think, “What the heck, man?! Are you serious?”?

Because I certainly have.

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0-100 real quick

This’ll probably be lengthy lol

A little over 1.5 months ago, my life did a complete 360°. From being at home almost every day getting out of bed at noon to suddenly being thrust into a 9-5 job at least 4 days a week was a real shock for me. After a few weeks of consideration, it’s obvious things are going to be changing for me once again and I’m ready to close this (very short) chapter of my life. And although it had it’s ups and downs, there are so many things I learned throughout this process. They may seem obvious to many of you but are very new concepts to me! So although I don’t feel “qualified” to write an article about this since it’s been less than a few months, here are 11 things that change (at least for me) when you go from a couch potato to a workaholic.

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This post was a little rushed because I was just so out of it. I had been putting it off for a few days already and have a new post in mind so I wanted to crank this out ASAP. Hopefully you enjoy the read anyway!

“Bad hair day” is an understatement for what’s been happening on my head for the last few weeks or so.

For those of you who are unaware, my hair is considered to be pretty long. The longest strands go past my bum when I brush it and sometimes when I sit down I end up sitting on it (which causes me to be paranoid about snapping my neck one day).

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Earlier today as I was considering what I should have for lunch, I accidentally broke the portable oven. I opened the cupboard where it was kept and as I closed it, it fell, causing the glass lid to shatter onto the kitchen floor. After Snapchatting a few people (how much more pathetic can you get these days?) and making some lame puns with my boyfriend, I grabbed the dustpan and swept up the mess.

As I was cleaning three things entered my mind: 1. How bad it would be if one of these tiny pieces of glass got into my eye through some sort of freak accident 2. At least I have something to do now.. and 3. I SHOULD WRITE ABOUT THIS ON MY BLOG. 

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