I wrote this one  last Sunday but never finished it since I’ve been really busy. I figured I might as well publish this one since I haven’t updated in over a week.

Overall, I’m a really awkward person. Awkward around strangers. Awkward around couples. Awkward around friends. Awkward around family. Awkward around everyone, really. Unless you’re a good friend, under the age of 6, or live with me. Then I’m just a horrible, horrible person.

.. I’m really not a people person.

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Personality tests have always intrigued me. Whenever my friends and I do them, I can always see that the results they get match up to their personalities. It never seems that way for me though..

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D A N C E – B E G I N N I N G S

So now I’ve written about why I dance, here’s how it happened..

My parents took me to church ever since I was a baby – we regularly attended an Indonesian speaking church since my parents had friends and relatives there. When it was my 7th birthday (which fell on a Sunday), a lady from the congregation taught some of the girls how to dance with a tambourine. She taught us a few patterns but we didn’t continue learning as she left not long after (if I recall correctly). I was a little too young to get what was going on at that time anyways..

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