Time seriously flies.

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The Art of the Brick: DC Comics // 13.04.16

Added a new category: Inspiration.. Which is exactly what it sounds like – Things that inspire me. Wanted to write this a while ago but never did, hence why it seems sort of rushed.Β Hope I’m not breaking any laws by posting photos of an exhibition?

During the middle of last month, a few friends and I visited the Powerhouse Museum to take a look at the LEGO exhibition that was being held there.

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0-100 real quick

This’ll probably be lengthy lol

A little over 1.5 months ago, my life did a complete 360Β°. From being at home almost every day getting out of bed at noon to suddenly being thrust into a 9-5 job at least 4 days a week was a real shock for me. After a few weeks of consideration, it’s obvious things are going to be changing for me once again and I’m ready to close this (very short) chapter of my life. And although it had it’s ups and downs, there are so many things I learned throughout this process. They may seem obvious to many of you but are very new concepts to me! So although I don’t feel “qualified” to write an article about this since it’s been less than a few months, here are 11 things that change (at least for me) when you go from a couch potato to a workaholic.

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