Feeling like a real nut job rn because I’m comparing Scrubs (the TV show) to having friends (not the TV show).. Tbh I’ve been feeling alone lately, so here are some thoughts about friendships that don’t always last. Precaution: Extra cheese tonight, so if you’re not into cliches and deep and meaningfuls, stop reading this now!

Less than an hour ago, I finished a TV series called Scrubs (ummm, excluding Season 9 which is apparently more like a crappy spin off). Although I started this series months ago, for some reason I never got to the end until tonight..

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An impromptu post about some thoughts I’ve been having! Sorry for the rushed end..

Last night I watched a great movie called Whiplash. For those who are unfamiliar with it, the plot revolves around a 19 year old drummer who aspires to make it big in music, despite obstacles that stand in his way.

I enjoyed the movie a lot. The plot, the soundtrack, the characters (although I probably wouldn’t like them very much if I met them in real life) – all of it. What I really love about this movie though is that it left me thinking, even 24 hours after I watched it.. Hence why I’m writing this.

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COOGEE BEACH // 07.08.15

I went to Coogee Beach last week with a few friends. I took a bunch of photos but I was too lazy to edit most of them so here are some half-assed photos to make up for not posting in over a week (genuinely forgot about this blog until I got some notifications a few days ago.. Oops.. Hopefully I’ll have something legit up soon.)

My editing skills are hella weak.

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We might actually be having a costume party for our church anniversary this year! I love costume parties. I mean, I never really get to go to them (lol I have no friends), but I love dressing up as different characters and in different themes. I’m not sure what I’ll be going as, but I wanted to do another throwback post from the last time I went to a costume party because clearly I’m running out of ideas..

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