Let’s be real, a bunch of people have already written about why the Don’t Judge Challenge is hypocritical and silly. But despite the title of this post, that’s actually not what I’m going to write about today.

This is an impromptu post that’s more of a rant, really.

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A post about a dance we did in 2013 called TUNTAS.

In one month and a bit, it’ll be September.

That means it’ll be Father’s Day soon.

Which means it’ll be our church’s anniversary soon.

Which means we’ll have to perform a dance.


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It’s been a while since I posted something on here, so here’s something short.

Even though I wrote all about motivation in Broken Glass, I don’t really feel like I’ve made much progress since then despite my efforts. Not even one thing comes to mind when thinking about how I’ve improved since then.

In fact, sometimes it even feels like I’ve moved backwards.

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For the past week I’ve been attending the Hillsong Conference in Sydney. It was such an amazing experience. Originally I wanted to write a reflection about my time there, but during that same week, something the opposite of awesome happened too.

I’m not willing to write about it right now, so this post is about the journal I bought during Conference.

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